How to Use This Site


Each title is presented as a series of columns and rows.

Sometimes footnotes are used in in the form of a number (example: Standard DVD1) to provide additional information. These footnotes can appear next to release descriptions, special feature descriptions, or even in the intersection of the columns and rows. The information corresponding to the number can be found at the end of the page.


Each column entry is a type of release.


As shown above, the first row will always contain the release description. The second row will contain a link to purchase that release with the exception of those releases that are not currently offered by our retail partners.

Some special notes about the description

  • If multiple versions of a DVD or Bluray contain the exact same special features then they will be combined into a single column. For example, if both the Collector's Edition DVD and the Limited Edition DVD contain the same special feature material then a release description of Collector's Edition DVD/Limited Edition DVD will be given. This often happens with the DVDs that are included with Bluray/DVD combo packs. Those DVDs are usually the exact same disc that was previously available just as a DVD.
  • Sometimes the DVD/Bluray may appear in different box sets or combo packs, or even releases that are named different (Special Edition, Limited Edition), but the disc contains the same content in every known version. In this case we use the description "All Known Versions- <DISC TYPE>" where we replace <DISC TYPE> with the type in question. DVD, Bluray, Widescreen DVD, etc. Essentially no matter what form you purchase that title in, if it is of the particular disc type given, it will contain those features. Note that they "All Known" indicator only takes into account discs from Region 1 for DVDs or Region A for Blurays i.e discs sold in the United States.
  • Blurays are always listed separately from DVDs. So even if the Bluray and DVD have the same special features they will each have their own column entry.
  • 3D Blurays are, unless otherwise noted, always listed with the special features for the particular 3D Disc(s) and NOT the features of the entire combo pack. Because 3D Bluray Combo Packs often contain the same 2D Bluray as the non-3D releases, we list the features found on the 3D Bluray in the 3D Bluray column and those found on the 2D Bluray in the Bluray column. If you are going to buy a 3D set that contains the 3D and 2D Bluray then you can combine both columns and those are the features you will be getting. In the case where a 2D Bluray is different when purchased with a 3D Bluray or vice versa, a separate entry will be made for that particular disc.
  • Bonus Discs from box sets are also listed separately. All other discs usually have appeared before in stand-alone form and thus will have an entry in another column. Therefore the only features tracked for the box set would be those found on the bonus disc. If a particular box set offers features on the movie disc(s) that do not match the stand-alone releases of those movies, then they will have a separate column entry.
  • Retailer exclusives sometimes come with just a bonus disc to provide the additional features and sometimes they come with the bonus features added on to the regular discs. When the bonus content is just a bonus disc, an entry is given for just the bonus disc. If the exclusive features are contained on the regular discs then that version will have a separate entry the indexes all the features on the discs (most will overlap with non-retailer exclusives except for those that are the exclusive features). Note that the link to purchase these versions will sometimes be for just the exclusive disc, sometimes for the entire package (standard + exclusive), and sometimes just to the website of the retailer offering the exclusive, depending on what is available.

RELEASE IMAGES (Bluray/DVD box covers)


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Beginning with the third row (rows 1 and 2 are for the release description and pictures/links) each feature will be listed. Where the row and columns intersect is where you will see an indicator of whether or not that feature appears on the release in that column. The possible indicators are

YES- The release has this feature
NO- The release does not have this feature
EXCLUSIVE- This feature can only be found on this release

Some notes about the EXCLUSIVE indicator.

  • Cast and Crew Bios/Filmographies will never be flagged as Exclusive. Since the information can be found on many different discs and/or Online.
  • Fullscreen or Widescreen versions are not considered to be exclusive. However theatrical versions vs. director's cut or any other version different than the theatrical is considered an exclusive if only appearing on one release.
  • Sometimes other releases may contain less material in a particular feature than another release. For example, if all DVD versions had a deleted scenes section with 5 deleted scenes but the Bluray had a deleted scenes section with 10 deleted scenes then the Bluray would have an EXCLUSIVE for deleted scenes. Even though all versions have a deleted scenes section, the Bluray has content that no other version has.
  • Anaglyph 3D versions are NOT noted as exclusive if a 3D version in the newer 3D format is available.

Finally, if a disc has no special features then it will be indicated by a NO SPECIAL FEATURES row with a YES in the intersection.

Special Note about TV Series Discs

Individual episodes for TV shows are not listed except in cases where they were not released in season sets or had season releases mixed with non-season based releases. When a set is given as "Season #" then you may assume all episodes from that particular season are present in the release.


Each title with multiple releases that contain special features will have a recommendation on which release to purchase. The recommendations are categorized as follows.

Recommended Single Release- This is the recommended release to purchase if you want only one release that includes the most/best special features.

Recommended Core Release- This is the combination of releases to purchase to get all of the special features EXCLUDING music videos, production notes features and other similar text based features.

Recommended Complete Release- This is the combination of releases to purchase to get all of the special features INCLUDING music videos, production notes features and other similar text based features.

NOTE: Cast and Crew Bios and Filmographies are considered generic. They appear in similar or identical form across various release titles. The information in these bios/filmographies is also easily found on the Internet.


There are exceptions to these to be found on the site but generally speaking the following are not tracked.

  • non-Region 1/A discs
  • anamorphic vs. non-anamorphic widescreen versions
  • different types of audio available from release to release (2.0 vs. 5.1 vs. DTS vs. TrueHD)
  • updated audio and/or video transfers
  • DVD-ROM and/or BD-Live features
  • Non-disc materials that come with releases. Collectible busts, masks, comic books, etc.
  • Exclusive packaging (Steelbooks, lenticular cases, etc.) unless those particular releases also contain different features on the disc(s).
  • HD vs. SD video for Bluray special features.
  • often releases will contain trailers for other titles. The "Trailer(s)" we index pertain only to the title being indexed. i.e. If the movie "Gremlins" has a "Trailer" feature listed then it is the trailer for "Gremlins".


3D Bluray
The features indexed under this entry apply to ONLY the features on the 3D Bluray disc and not to any other discs that may be contained in the combo pack (2D Bluray, DVD, Retailer Exclusive disc, etc.). Typically a 3D Bluray disc is accompanied by at least a 2D Bluray disc in the same package. Therefore, for such combo packs, you would check the indexed features for both the 3D disc AND the 2D disc to obtain a complete list of features. Usually 3D Blurays contain few, if any, special features and the other discs in the combo pack are where the majority of the features are found. Additionally, some early 3D Bluray discs contained both a 2D and 3D playable version of the main feature but that is rarely seen in newer discs. When both 2D and 3D playable options are available, the release entry index will reflect that. One final note, some newer 3D Bluray players provide an option in the hardware to view a 3D movie in 2D.

4K Mastered
Some discs were released as "4K Mastered" meaning that the film as mastered in 4K but the resolution is the same as a normal Bluray. Theoretically these releases will have better picture quality than a Bluray NOT mastered in 4k. Be aware though that these are NOT actually UltraHD 4K discs. Those discs will be released starting in 2016. These "4K Mastered" releases are essentially the Bluray version of the "Superbit" DVDs. Also note that not all discs mastered in 4K are prominently marketed as such. Only those discs that have a separate "Mastered in 4K" are indexed separately..

All Known Versions
All versions of this type of release (DVD, Bluray, Single Side/Disc DVD, etc.) including box sets, combo packs, multi-movie discs, etc.

All Other Versions
All versions of this type other than those that have specific entires. For example, if a title has a Double Feature DVD entry and a All Other Versions- DVD entry. Then the All Other Versions- DVD entry refers to all DVD releases that are NOT the Double Feature DVD.

Anaglyph 3D
The name given to the stereoscopic 3D effect achieved by means of encoding each eye's image using filters of different (usually chromatically opposite) colors, typically red and cyan. (Wikipedia) Anaglyph 3D is visually inferior to the newer Bluray 3D standard. Note that there are a few Bluray releases that use Anaglyph 3D but they are clearly noted in the title's index on this site.

A feature where the normal viewing of the main content (the film or episode) is branched or diverted to alternative content. This is usually done by displaying an icon during the watching of the main content. When the icon appears, the user usually presses ENTER on the remote and is then taken to the alternative content.

Open Matte
Sometimes a movie is filmed in a full frame version and then later mattes are added to the top and bottom to create a widescreen aspect ratio. Usually when fullscreen versions of these films are released on home media (DVD, Bluray, etc.) the mattes are removed to restore the fullscreen picture. Thus in these types of fullscreen versions you aren't actually losing any picture information as you would with Pan and Scan fullscreen versions. In fact, you are seeing more of the picture than would be seen in a widescreen release. For a more detailed definition of Open Matte see the Wikipedia page here.

Region Code
A DVD or Bluray Disc usually contains a region code that must match the region code of the player. If the region codes do not match, the disc will not play. Some discs are "region free" meaning they will play in any region player. Some players are "region free" meaning they will play a disc from any region. This site is primarily concerned with discs released in the United States. These discs are coded as Region 1 for DVDs and Region A for Blurays. For more information on region codes see the following Wikipedia articles. FOR DVDs or FOR BLURAYS.

Retailer Exclusive Bonus DVD/Bluray (Target, Best Buy, etc.)
This entry will index ONLY those features on the exclusive bonus disc. Typically these bonus discs are accompanied by the regular DVD/Bluray sold everywhere else. In such instances you would then look at the features for both the exclusive disc and the standard disc to obtain a complete set of features.

Retailer Exclusive Edition
In some cases, retailer exclusives will include exclusive special features but not on a separate disc. The DVD/Bluray will be the same as the one sold everywhere else, but will include additional features accessible from the disc menu.

Retailer Promo Disc
This entry will index ONLY those features on the promo disc. Such promo discs were done before the theatrical or home media release of the title. These discs were NOT included along with the actual title they were promoting.

The running time of the movie/feature in minutes, rounded to the nearest minute. In certain cases where features are less than 1 minute, seconds will be used. Please note that some releases have different runtimes for the same feature because of introduction text, differing lengths of time between parts of the feature and other variables.

Seamless Branching
A feature where the normal content will play and at certain points, without user interaction, alternative content will play automatically. This is most often used to play things like deleted scenes or alternative openings/endings so that they may be watched within the context of the film/episode. Sometimes alternate versions of the entire film (director's cut, unrated cut, etc.) are presented in this manner. This allows only the differences between the theatrical version and the alternate version to be placed on the disc instead of including two entire versions of the film.